Listen to what Dr. Hashemiyoon's patients have to say:

J.S. (Beverly Hills)

"He is an artist with a metal brush. I get compliments from firend's all the time now but no one knows that I had anything done. They just say I 'look great'. And I am getting more looks from women now. Can't argue with that."

R.L. (Manhattan Beach)

"When I look in the mirror I don't even recognize that young guy looking back. Dr. Hashemiyoon is a genius. He is a genius. I would never go to anyone else."

G.R. (St. Lucia)

"All my sisters go to him. One flies in from London. I fly in from St. Lucia island. The one time I let a local doctor treat me they scarred my face. Thank God for Dr. Hashemiyoon."

H.M. (Canada)

"My sister and I both went to him. It is incredible what he did with sculpting our bodies. We sent him 3 of our friends as well. There is no one like him with this kind of eye for the body and meticulous sculpting. And you would never know we had anything done."

E.A. (West Hollywood)

"Thank you not only for your outstanding services, but also for being so genuine."

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