Urgent Care

After years of working in Urgent Care and Family Practice centers across the United States Dr. Hashemiyoon realized that an illness can strike at any time and doesn't follow any "regular schedule" so patients need access to quality health care at all times. Health care needs to be available when the patient needs it and sometimes that means outside of normal business hours. Sometimes a family needs medical care late at night or on the weekends. Of course, there is always hospital emergency rooms, but the wait and the cost can be prohibitive especially if the illness is not critical. There are many simple medical problems that require a doctor's attention, but are not life threatening.


Dr. Hashemiyoon also observed since 2008 that the old paradigm model of the family practice doctor was changing. We are digital people living in a digital age with computers and smart phones. We want health care when it is convenient for us and on a speedy schedule. So when a patient's health is compromised they want high-quality medical care with doctors and nurses who are compassionate and understanding at a time that is convenient for the patient.

Urgent Care Doctors<


Soon the new Obamacare is going to introduce even more of the population into the insured patient pool. This means an even more utilization and a greater stress on our current health care system. The bottom line is there will not be enough doctors to take care of everyone on a timely basis. Patients are not going to be able to wait 4-5 months to be seen for their condition and so they will turn to the urgent care center for immediate, convenient, and affordable care.