The SmartLipo procedure is a Laser Lipo treatment designed to reduce fat, kill fat cells permanently, and tighten the skin with a safer and more effective procedure than traditional liposuction. The procedure is less invasive and requires no general anesthesia (it is all done under local anesthesia) which is why it is safer with a faster recovery time. The laser smoothes the fat, cauterizes vessels instantly, and heats the dermis to induce skin tightening which is why it gives a better result than traditional liposuction.

SmartLipo (or Smart Lipo) is perfect for treating localized areas of unwanted fat on the abdomen, love handles, thighs, hips, arms, neck, and jowls. It can also be used for those difficult areas like buttocks and knees.

Features and Benefits

There are many advantages to the SmartLipo treatment including:

  1. FDA Approved

  2. Melts the fat and destroys the fat cells permanently

  3. Tightens the skin without surgery

  4. Good treatment for both sexes (Men and Women)

  5. No General Anesthesia

  6. No Surgery!

  7. Back to work in 24-48 hours

  8. Only minimal to moderate bruising and discomfort

SmartLipo Treatment In Los Angeles

Now we know that you can get big results in small places with the Smart Lipo laser-assisted lipolysis system. But how does this highly effective treatment provide such a great solution for destroying and permanently eliminating fat cells?

A very small laser fiber is introduced into the area to be treated. The laser then delivers energy directly to the subcutaneous fat cells – melting them away like a "hot knife to butter".

The laser energy also coagulates tissue which induces collagen retraction and tissue tightening.

The laser coagulates small blood vessels immediately which results in less bleeding, swelling and bruising. So the patient has faster healing and recovery. Most patients are back to work in 24 hours and back to exercise activity in 48 hours!

Since the laser fiber is very small (600u - like a strand of Spaghetti) and the procedure is minimally invasive and requires local anesthesia the safety of the SmartLipo procedure is much higher than traditional liposuction.

The doctor can actually visualize the areas being treated because he can see the red diode under the sking which allows for better accuracy. Typically only one short treatment session is needed for fantastic results.