Three Major Reasons for Facial Cosmetic TreatmentThere are 3 major reasons a patient would want some form of cosmetic treatment for their face:

  1. To correct (reverse) some of the changes of aging on the face

  2. To enhance their looks to a higher level on the attractibility scale

  3. To correct some form of genetic or acquired defect or deformity

The treatment for all the three is very similar althought the aesthetic skills for each can be vastly different. The doctor would use the same tools, but in different ways to obtain different results. An excellent analogy is that of a painter or artist using the same colors of paint but creating different drastically different works of art.

The Changes Associated with AgingOne of the most attractive and youthful features that you can have is healthy vibrant skin. Scientists and psychologists have shown in many studies that smooth even tones are actually even more associated with "youth" than deep furrows on the brow. You can have a 24 year old man with deep furrows on the brow but you would not mistake him for being 50. At the same time a 50 year old man could have been treated with a neurotoxin (NT) such as BOTOX, Xeomin, or Dysport to have absolutely no wrinkles on his forehead but you would not thnk he was 24 years old.


So "wrinkles" are only one piece of a very complicated puzzle, but they are a good place to start. Skin AnatomyThere are 2 major components that provide you with the look of youthful healthy skin: water and collagen (hyaluronic acid).







Patients make the mistake of thinking gravity is the culprit because they pull up on the skin on their face and they look better, but the reality is that gravity is not a major factor in aging of the face. According to recent research, voume loss and sun exposure are the primary causes of the appearance of age in the face. The volume loss is actually comprised of 3 levels of atrophy: bone loss (and re-structuring called remottling), muscle atrophy, and fat atrophy or loss.


Aging due to Volume Loss

The face is the first area to broadcast to the world your age. The sagging of skin and muscles eventually create noticeable changes in the area under the eyes, along the cheekbone, the neck, and down to the base of the jaw (jowls). What is the process? It's a combination of many factors that cause all of these changes to take place: Collagen production slows down (collagen contributes to skin's firmness), Elastin production decreases (elastin contributes to skin's elasticity), Fat cells begin to disappear (fat atrophy) and the muscles atrophy causes a decrease in firmness and tone (which leads to sagging skin), your skin loses its ability to retain moisture so it's less elastic or stretchable. Frown lines and "crow's feet" appearing due to small muscle contraction. Dead skin cells are not shed as quickly and new cells have a sower turnover which leads to uneven skin.

Skin aging demostrated across three generations: young, middle age, and old
As you can see in the diagram above the contributing factors are below the skin not the skin itself.

Today you can have a non-surgical approach to shaping and contouring the face instead of surgery and face-lifts which just pull the skin back. The Liquid Face-Lift offers immediate and long-lasting results without surgery. And it is more natural because it replaces the volume loss which is what has led to the sagging skin in the first place. A face-lift is like taking a raisin, cutting the skin and pulling it taut. Now you have a nice smooth, wrinkle free RAISIN. But it's still a RAISIN! With the liquid face-lift procedures, it's like taking a raisin and re-juicing it BACK INTO A GRAPE! And no matter what procedure you're considering, any form of facial contouring is performed as a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure in a physician's office. It's all out-patient! Results can be immediate and only require a few long-lasting treatments. The procedures are also cost-effective – saving you time and money. And while treatment results may vary, results typically last from 6 months to 5 years depending on the procedure you have done.


The first and foremost treatment of aging skin is to prevent sun damage. Ninety percent (90%) of skin aging is related to sun damage. The solar radiation causes several event to take place that make your skin look older and not as attractive: Increases an enzyme that breaks down collagen. Collagen is the filler under your skin; think of it as the stuffing in a pillow. As collagen breaks down your skin will sag, wrinkle, and droop. So gravity is not the major cause! Blocks an enzyme that creates more collagen. Again less collagen means less face filler means more skin sagging. Dehydrate your skin and cause it to look dry, wrinkly, and old. Cause pigmented changes in the melanocytes (cells that produce pigment) so you develop uneven tone or worse, sun spots/age spots/liver spots! One day you wake up and look in the mirror and you see that you look tired, droopy.... and where did those wrinkles come from? They were never there before!