Dr. Robert Hashemiyoon In OR

Dr. Hashemiyoon has always been on the cutting edge of frontier medicine.He is a member of the American College Of Phlebology, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the American College of Aesthetic/Cosmetic Physicians.


Nationally recognized expert, Dr. Robert, has been a pioneer in the fields of anti-aging and cosmetics. He was one of the first doctors to create specific protocols for the treatment of Andropause/male menopause (low T), one of the first doctors to treat with growth hormone replacement therapy (7 years before it became standard medicine), one of the first doctors to use finasteride for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (5 years before Propecia was FDA approved), one of the first doctors to develop new anti-viral agents for treating DNA viruses, especially papilloma virus. In 2004 he suugested the use of a glaucoma medication for the growth and enhancement of eyelashes and hair. Four years later Latisse got FDA approval.


Currently he is on the forefront on stem cell use for both anti-aging cosmetic purposes and general health improvement.He is working closely with international laboratories with high quality monoclonal stem cells that show incredible promise for facial rejuvenation, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and organ rejuvenation.

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